Pet Protection Plan

Here at Internations Logistics Company , our goal is to make your pet’s relocation experience as comfortable, safe, and stress-free as possible. But we want you to be comfortable and stress-free, too.

We’re pet parents ourselves, so we know you’re likely to experience separation anxiety while your four-legged family is in transit. That’s why we’ve created the InterNations Pet Protection Plan.  Any dog or cat traveling anywhere in the world is eligible for our Pet Protection Plan.

There are three coverage benefits, all of which apply while your pet is in transit:

1. Veterinary expenses
This covers the cost of emergency treatment should your pet become ill or injured during transport. It excludes pre-existing clinical conditions, which must be communicated prior to your pet’s departure.

2. Emergency repatriation and/or quarantine expenses
This applies if your travel must be cancelled due to a family emergency (such as serious illness or a death) while your pet is in transit. It covers any resulting costs you may incur for your pet’s return, boarding, and/or quarantine.

3. Substitution value
This provides replacement value should your pet die during transport due to accident, illness, or injury. Coverage also applies should your pet be lost or stolen during transit.

Peace of mind is priceless
Pet travel is very safe. Hundreds of thousands of animals travel by air every year, yet health problems, injuries, and losses are quite rare. And, of course, no one can predict an emergency change in your own travel plans.

With the Internations Logistics Company Pet Protection Plan, you have added peace of mind. You won’t have to worry while your pet is traveling. Instead, you can focus on the pure joy of being reunited at your destination – tails wagging and purrs humming.

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