Ground Transport

Air travel is very safe and the most expedient option for most pet moves Sometimes, though your pet is better served by ground transportation. Or, as a pet parent, you may feel more comfortable having your pet transported by ground. This service can be ideal if your move is a shorter distance or if your pet is an embargoed breed for certain domestic airlines.

We offer door-to-door ground transportation for pets all over the world. We use a hub-and-spoke model for our ground service, which is very efficient and reliable , similar to how airlines operate. The fee is a set rate.

Our ground transportation service includes stops along the way, “comfort stops” every now and then for the well being of your pet. However, if your departure or destination city is outside the hub, a separate driver will transport your pet to meet the ground transport driver on their route and/or meet up them to collect your pets and escort them to their final destination.

With our door-to-door ground service, your pets will be safe and comfortable as they travel and you’ll be worry-free. All our drivers are well-trained and experienced with pet relocation. They are dedicated to providing your pet with the kindness and care needed during this very important process. They are pet-lovers as well as professionals.

Your pet will need two travel documents:

An original health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, issued within 30 days of travel
A signed rabies vaccination certificate.
Although not required for ground travel, we highly recommend micro-chipping your pets. Whether they’re in our hands or at home, a microchip clearly identifies each animal and you as their owner.

Travel Crates
We use the same top-quality kennels for ground transportation as the airlines require for pets who fly. We’ll provide the perfect size carrier for each of your pets when they travel with us. That’s one less detail for you to worry about.

Weather restrictions
As long as road conditions are safe, we will travel. If weather is an issue, we work to find the best route in the quickest time. However, our first priority is always safety for the driver and your pets.

We provide overnight boarding as necessary during the ground transport process, using the same facilities we use for air transport. If you require boarding services, we can also board your pet until you are ready to have us ship them to you. We are happy to collect your pet from home, a relative, a favorite veterinarian, or boarding kennel should you need some time to relocate.

The VMA ( Veterinary Medical Association) strongly discourages the use of sedatives or tranquilizers or sedatives when pets are flying. However, under some circumstances pets traveling by ground transportation may be more relaxed if they are lightly sedated. This is something you should discuss with your vet. It’s also a good idea to acclimate your pet by taking progressively longer car trips if they aren’t already used to riding in a vehicle.

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